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How can our children be exempt from military service if we obtain Turkish citizenship by investment?

If I invest in real estate and obtain Turkish citizenship for my family, will my sons (who are teenagers now) need to serve in the military in the future? How can they be exempt from military service and freely reside in Turkey without having to join the army at all?

  • ADMD Mavioglu & Alkan Law Office
    September 15, 2022

    The conditions of mandatory military service of Turkish Citizens is regulated at Military Duty Law No.7179 dated June 25, 2019. According to Article 3 of this law, every male Turkish citizen between the ages of 20 and 41 is obligated to serve military duty (6 months for regular soldiers and 12 months for non-commissioned officers, determined based on education level and needs of the Military for the applicant). However; there is an exemption for foreigners who acquired Turkish Citizenship (by investment or otherwise). Article 43 states that those who acquired Turkish citizenship before the age of 22 should do their military duty as Turkish citizens of that age according to their age and education at the time of naturalization. If people who are citizens of other countries served their military service in where they are coming from and can prove that with the required documents, they will be deemed to be exempted. Therefore, people who have obtained Turkish citizenship at the age of 22 years old or older are exempt from military service and their military service is suspended (for two years each time until they are not eligible). Nevertheless; the children (male under the age of 18) of the CBI applicant (dependents) are not exempt in principle. But in practice, there are some exemptions or postponements applicable. Article 38 states that people who are residing abroad (with dual citizenship) and/or has been working as an employee, employer or concerning with a profession or art by having residence permit or/and work permit and those who have seaman status on foreign flagged ships again abroad their military service may be postponed until the end of the year in which they reach the age of 35 in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the Ministry. In addition to this matter; according to Article 39, Turkish citizens who reside outside Turkey and have worked for at least three consecutive years have the option to pay a certain fee to be exempt from mandatory military service. This requires a fee (changing every year - approximately $5,000). Payment of this amount and completing the distance education program determined by the Ministry satisfies the military duty for such applicants. Again, in addition, Turkey has a partially exempted military duty by payment system that requires a payment similar to the above and only a 21-day (education type) military service (Article 9). Finally, the Turkish military is becoming sensitive about the military service of CBI citizens and there may soon be a full exemption announced soon for males that obtain CBI-based citizenship.