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How do Maltese authorities define “politically exposed persons” for applicants of the citizenship program?

I am curious about this aspect of the program, how if someone who is “politically exposed” affects it. Should I be concerned about my reputation as an applicant? How do they research someone’s reputation, and how they determine if it’s bad or good?

  • MA&A Advocates
    July 10, 2019

    For the purposes of the MRVP, a PEP is a person who is or has been a holder of public office, or entrusted with high level public functions, such as senior politicians, heads of state of governments, senior judicial or military officials, officials of political parties and senior executives of state-owned enterprises. The definition also extends to family members and close associates of a primary PEP. The fact that a person is a PEP does not automatically exclude him from eligibility under the MRVP, subject to a successful due-diligence check. Full details about the applicant’s PEP status would need to be disclosed and each case is considered on its own merits.