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How does a foreign national apply for a work permit in Greece?

I was an exchange student and spent one year in Greece. I liked the country. Now I want to work here. Is there any way for a foreign national to apply for a work permit in Greece? What documents do I need? I have considered the Golden Visa program, but this does not seem to be an option since my goal is to work.

  • December 07, 2018

    There are four types of work permits. Each and every one of them requires some special documents (except the general ‘’easy’’ ones like photos, a copy of your passport legally certified, a deposit in favor of the Greek government, etc.) First is the type of work permit (a permit for dependent work). Firstly, you will need to get a visa of a certain type (not touristic) right after your employer applies for it here in Greece with the competent authority. Also, you will need at least a one-year contract as well as health insurance (private or public). Second is the employees of special “purpose.” These kind of employees are, for instance, the members of the board of directors, shareholders, general directors, legal representatives, etc. All the special documents that are needed are provided by the firm. Third is a second employment visa. Fourth is an investment activity. These are the most common work permits in Greece. Otherwise, in order to work here in Greece, you will need a seven-year permanent stay (not necessarily legal) and then, after some necessary actions, you can get the type 1 work permit for dependent work.

  • Energopiisi SA Investment Consulting Services
    December 09, 2018

    As a holder of a Golden Visa, only the exercise of a financial activity as a company's shareholder, a member of the board of directors or as a CEO of an existing company is permitted. Furthermore, according to the related provisions of the immigration law in force for work residence permit, if you wish to work as an employee, an employer will have to sponsor you and he will have to apply to your consulate services under a specific procedure. The related steps and procedure should be undertaken by a lawyer. An entry visa for employment may be issued after having a request of the employer concerned and, upon the decentralized administration approval. Important note: The relevant act of the secretary general of the decentralized administration approving employment for the provision of dependent employment to a particular employer is issued under the joint ministerial decision in force every two years in accordance with Article 11 of Law 4251/144 and determines the maximum number of places for dependent work to be.