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How does Grenada pick approved real estate projects for its citizenship-by-investment program?

I am interested in Grenada citizenship but want to acquire my own real estate. For example, there is a seaside villa that I like. How can I make something of my own choosing work for a citizenship application?

  • December 09, 2018

    All approved projects have to be approved by the CBI committee and must meet specified requirements. You can possibly choose your own property, but its value must be significantly above the value of those within an approved project for you to meet the criteria of the exercise of the discretion of the minister of government with responsibility for this investment activity.

  • Zenship Inc.
    December 07, 2018

    The Grenada citizenship-by-investment act sets out a procedure by which a project can become an approved project. An application has to be made containing certain information as to the ownership of the property, business plan for the project, financing for the project, etc. The project must then be "approved" and persons are invited to invest in the approved project. If your desire is to purchase a villa outside of an approved project, you may take the route of becoming a citizen first by making a donation to government of Grenada under the National Transformation Fund and then purchasing a private property outside of an approved project as a citizen of Grenada.