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How does the Angel Visa program work in Portugal?

I learned that with a passive investment of 175,000 euros, one can obtain an Angel Visa in Portugal which will grant residency to the applicants and their families. How does this type of visa work? What are some of its advantages and disadvantages comparing with the Golden Visa program?

  • Lisbon Attorneys, Corp.
    August 08, 2019

    There are no angel visas in Portugal or in the European community. What is advertised on the internet has no credibility, no address, no name of a company or responsible person, tax registration number, etc. The only legal possibilities to obtain an investment-based resident permit in Portugal are provided for in the Golden Visa. An investor resident may apply for a foreign citizen who carries out an investment activity, either personally or through a company incorporated in Portugal or another state of the European Union and established in Portugal, when he meets one of the quantitative requirements.