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How do I find out which acceptable stocks and bonds can be used for my Malta citizenship-by-investment application?

I heard I need to invest at least 150,000 euros in government-approved stocks, but apparently, I can put that money into other investments or “financial instruments” as well. What are those? How do I know which ones are acceptable? Will I get any return on this investment?

  • Advocates Primei
    January 09, 2019

    The bonds must be bonds issued by the Maltese government of Malta registered entities. It is permissible to invest via a fund (collective investment scheme) which itself invests in Malta-based bonds.

  • BIZ Consult Limited
    January 09, 2019

    Malta government stocks are interest-bearing securities with maturities over one year that pay interest on a semi-annual basis. The Malta government stocks are listed and traded on the Malta Stock Exchange.

  • Grant Thornton
    January 09, 2019

    Kindly note that stocks listed on the Malta Stock Exchange are the approved ones.

  • January 09, 2019

    You can contact a local stockbroker who will explain in detail the various options available to you. And yes, you will receive a return on this investment.

  • January 16, 2019

    A prospective applicant must commit himself/herself to invest in acquiring 150,000 euros worth of government bonds or bonds/securities listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. There are no other financial instruments that can be subject to this type of investment. Please note that there are a number of bonds/securities listed on the Malta Stock exchange from which you, the client, can choose to invest in. The risks and returns are much like any other bonds/securities.