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How long do I have to hold the investment capital before I am eligible to apply for the British Columbia provincial nominee program of Canada?

I know that many countries require their immigration investors to hold the investment capital for a certain period of time before submitting their applications to avoid money laundering activities and protect the integrity of these programs. I have been considering applying for the provincial nominee program of British Columbia for a while. I am wondering if British Columbia’s program has similar requirements. If so, how long do I have to hold the money before I can apply?

  • Lerom Law Firm
    January 27, 2020

    BC PNP does not require investors to hold the investment capital for a particular period. However, to prove that the personal net worth was legally obtained and verifiable, a Net Worth Verification Report from a BC PNP-authorized accounting firm would be required. It is a professional chartered accounting services supplier, who is qualified by the BC PNP to complete a verification report of all of the investor's personal net worth. The list of authorized accounting firms and instructions is sent to investors with the invitation to apply. Also, it is worth to note that BC PNP assigns points for business ownership based on the length of ownership. Thus, an investor will be rewarded with additional points if he or she has owned 100% of a business for at least three of the most recent five years. It may increase the score and the chances of being invited to apply respectively.