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How long does it take now to get a nomination from the Australia government for business visa applications?

Given the COVID situation, how long does it take the Australian authorities to process an application and grant a nomination to a business visa applicant?

  • Education Overseas Academy
    July 18, 2020

    Business and investment visa nomination process by the State/Territory government agency or Austrade usually takes about two weeks to four months for nomination process depending on the nominating body, the documentation submitted and the verification process adopted by such nominating body.  As each state/territory government agency and Austrade have their own policy it is better to contact the State/Territory government agency or Austrade and seek their current processing time during the COVID-19 circumstances.

  • Global MigrationSolutions
    July 20, 2020

    The nomination process could be as short as one day for subclass 188C and one to two months for 188A, 188B, 132A depending on states.

  • ANZ Migration
    July 18, 2020

    There is no delay. When the relevant authority (state or territory government) approves the nomination in the skillselect system, the invitation is automatically issued by this system. There is a delay due to the COVID situation that affects the availability of quota for nomination places. The federal budget, which is normally in May, has been deferred to October. Normally the quota is decided from the budget and made available for July 1 when the program year commences. At the current time (July 2020), there are no options for state or territory nomination for business visas. We may see a limited number of places available soon, with the full quota made available sometime after October.