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How can I rent out the property used for my Dominica citizenship-by-investment application?

If I purchase the minimum $200,000 property, do I need to live there? How can I rent it out as a vacation rental?

  • Caribbean Commercial & IP Law Practitioners
    December 10, 2018

    By the investment of $200,000 in the government-approved project under the citizenship-by-investment program you become entitled to a share in the project. With those interests you are entitled to reside in the villa rent-free for about two weeks on an annual basis. During the time that you are not in occupation, the management company will manage the project and rent it out. You will become entitled to a share of the profit generated by the villa on an annual basis after deduction of all management and operation costs. So there is no provision placing the intensive work on you to go in search of persons to rent the property. The management company handles this aspect of the project.