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How should I inform the government of Panama about my business dealings?

I do business often in Panama but normally didn’t have to notify the government of my business dealings. I heard that this is going to become a requirement now even for short business trips. How do I do that properly so that I’m not breaking the law?

  • March 16, 2023

    If you are doing business through a corporation, you have to contact the resident agent of the company for them to collect the information needed to report to the government. It will be important to contact your accountant too, in order to check up on your annual obligations, in case you do not have clarity on that matter. If you are not doing business through a corporation and you visit Panama in order to meet with people related to your business matters, you will need to check up on your immigration status because the government can ask for or restrict your entrance to the country if you are coming to do business and do not have the correct immigration status to do so.

  • Panama Global Solutions
    March 15, 2023

    If you’re doing business through a Panamanian company, you disclose this information to your Resident Agent. Otherwise, based on your commercial activity, you may need certain permits or licenses.