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What are the requirements of applying for citizenship if I already have permanent residency through Malta’s RBI program?

I just got my permanent residency through the Malta Residency and Visa Program. I might apply for citizenship in the future. To leave the option open, I want to make sure that I am compliant with all standards for applying for citizenship. What are the requirements? Is there anything I need to pay special attention to?

  • BIZ Consult Limited
    January 25, 2019

    The MRVP program does not give you any benefits when applying for Maltese citizenship. You can apply for it after 20 years of actually living in Malta.

  • Charles Scerri & Associates
    January 28, 2019

    We confirm that you can apply for citizenship. However, it is important to note that the obligations are different from those of the Malta Resident and Visa Program (MRVP) since they are two different programs under two separate entities. The IIP program requires a more stringent due diligence on the applicant. We cannot provide you with any special requirements since the IIP checks are very vast. Also, you should take into consideration that the contribution to the government needs to be paid in full, i.e., the 650,000 euros, even though you have already settled the amount of 30,000 under the MRVP.