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How can I conduct the genuine entrepreneur test in my native language without impacting my chance of success?

I am a successful businessman and want to use my previous experience to build a new venture in the U.K. and apply for a tier 1 entrepreneur visa. Although I can speak basic English, I am not confident that my English skills are sufficient for the genuine entrepreneur test. I was told that it is possible to use an interpreter during the interview. Can I hire my own or is this service provided by the government? How can I avoid any negative impact on my interview as a result by any potential mistranslation?

  • Fragomen LLP
    October 25, 2018

    You are of course right to be concerned about the genuine entrepreneur test given the high refusal rate in this category. It is not mandatory for you to be interviewed in English. You will already have demonstrated your English language ability by providing with your application with your English language test reference number or proof of your qualifying degree taught in English. In our experience, it is often better to be interviewed in the language with which you are most comfortable and can best explain and defend your plan. However, this decision must be carefully made in each individual case. If you do not wish to be interviewed in English, when you complete your application form you will note there is a question asking which language you would prefer to be interviewed in. You can state your preference here. If you are invited to attend an interview and you request a translator, then the Home Office must provide one. It is crucial this application is properly presented in a way that the Home Office will best understand.