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How can I keep my son's Cayman Islands permanent resident status after he turns 18?

I plan to invest in a real estate project in the Cayman Islands and get permanent residency for my family. However, I was told that when my son turns 18, he will automatically lose his permanent resident status. How can he keep his status after 18? What are my options?

  • Priestleys
    June 27, 2018

    There are two ways in which your son may retain his right to residency in the Cayman Islands under your permanent residency grant, one of which he may do so independently. There are a couple of other options under different permanent residency categories, but all of them require your son to be in school. Regarding residency via your immigration grant: (i) your son must be enrolled in full-time tertiary education; and (ii) the chief immigration has found there to be special circumstances for allowing the child to remain here as a resident. To obtain the formal certificate of permanent residency for your son, you must: name your son as a dependent in the initial application you submit for your own permanent residency grant; submit an application for your son's permanent residency grant before your son reaches 19 years of age; your son must have been a legally and ordinarily resident of the Cayman Islands for at least seven years immediately before his application is made. For the sake of completeness, I will add that residency options are also available via: (i) a certificate of direct investment (which involves investing at least $1 million in the Cayman Islands); and (ii) two types of certificates for persons of independent means, each of which has different fiscal thresholds to be met. The same rules apply with respect to children reaching 18 years of age. They must either be enrolled in full-time tertiary education or the chief immigration officer must deem there to be special circumstances. Residency may also be obtained independently. There is also the option of having your son apply (independently of your grant of permanent residency) for a work permit in his own right and become gainfully employed. It will afford your son the right to remain in the Cayman Islands for a maximum of eight years, after which he may apply in his own right for permanent residency. Note that the issuance of a work permit is subject to the discretion of the board in light of the manpower needs of the Cayman Islands and other factors.