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How can I retroactively add dependents to a Grenada citizenship-by-investment application?

My husband and I are looking at various citizenship programs. My husband’s mother lives with us and she is not sure if she would like dual citizenship. Could we proceed with the application for citizenship and add her later? At what point is it too late to add her to the application?

  • Citizenship and Corporate Services Ltd.
    September 04, 2018

    Her mother-in-law will not be able to be added to the application after the application has been submitted. She must be included in the application from the start.

  • Citizens International
    September 05, 2018

    It is currently not possible to add dependents after an approval under the Grenada CIP. However, we understand that the government intends to amend the law to allow for this. It is possible in Antigua to add dependents within the first five years of citizenship for additional fees: adding spouse ($75,000), DD fee ($7,500), adding child (under 18 years only for $25,000), DD fee (for 11 to 17 years for $2,000), adding parent (58 years or older for $75,000), DD fee ($4,000). In addition, there will be a licensed agent, passport and other admin fees. Antigua currently offers a great value for money of the five programs, since there is a limited-time discount in place for all applications made prior to Oct. 31, 2018.