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How will my new business be monitored and how can I get a nomination certificate under the Manitoba PNP?

I was told that the business I would set up for the purpose of PNP would be closely monitored and evaluated during the first 24 months of the applicant’s arrival in order to decide whether a nomination certificate would be issued. What aspect of the business might be monitored? How often does the government conduct an evaluation? What are some of the factors that could impact the issuance of a nomination certificate?

  • JTH Lawyers Inc.
    December 04, 2018

    Actually you have to meet with the conditions within 18 months. If you have not met them after 6 months, you need to produce update reports to show that you are still working on it. You should expect random on-site visits since you are supposed to be physically present 80 percent of your time. If you want to maximize your chance of getting a nomination certificate, I suggest you follow your business plan as soon as possible in the first year after you get your work permit.