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If nominated by one region of Australia as an immigrant investor, how can I live in another region?

I am interested in the business innovation stream option. Assuming I can get my government nomination, what are the ways I can conduct the business in that local area but live in another region of Australia, such as Sydney or Melbourne?

  • Australian Visa Options
    August 05, 2019

    Business migration with a 188 visa is facilitated through nomination by a state or territory government. This involves making a commitment to live and operate your business in that nominating state or territory. This requirement would be very difficult to satisfy if living in a different region of Australia and not looked favorably upon when you need nomination for the permanent 888 visa.

  • Regis Legal
    July 30, 2019

    If you are nominated by the state, you are expected to stay, live and conduct business in that state/territory. It is only fair that you are committed to the state that nominated you. You will also be asked to show proof of residency for at least one in the two years prior to application of 888, which means telling the immigration department where you have lived. If you want to live in Sydney or Victoria, it is best to seek nomination from NSW or Victoria states.

  • Julian-Armitage Migration Lawyers (JAM)
    July 29, 2019

    No, you can’t live in another region other than the sponsoring state.

  • Cargil Migration Consulting Ltd
    July 29, 2019

    This can depend on the state/territory that you are nominated by and the visa that you hold. You have mentioned the business innovation stream as well as being an immigrant investor.