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Is Antigua and Barbuda seeking foreign investment capital to rebuild the island following any hurricane damage?

I am considering the Antigua and Barbuda CBI program. One thing I am curious about is if my money will go toward the good cause of re-developing the country following a natural disaster, such as a hurricane. I hear some projects don’t get finished, however. Is that true?

  • Grant Thornton
    July 12, 2018

    Antigua was not badly damaged by the Hurricanes, however, the sister island of Barbuda was devastated. Naturally, the government is seeking to raise funds through whatever means possible in order to contribute to the rebuilding. Whilst CIP funds are not specifically earmarked for rebuilding projects on Barbuda, the CIP National Development Fund is a logical source of potential funds for rebuilding the infrastructure. Note that the Citizenship Unit issues regular reports on the disbursements from the NDF and these are publicly available here: The Real Estate investment option pertains only to private real estate developments of condos, villas and hotels. Some are more successful than others, but we are only aware of one project that has stalled indefinitely.