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Is it possible to keep my EU citizenship as a British citizen?

I am a British citizen. Recently there have been discussions on whether the British government has the right to withdraw Britons’ EU citizenship after Brexit. Does this claim have any legal grounds? If so, how likely do you think that British citizens can keep their EU citizenship?

  • February 13, 2020

    Unfortunately, until Today February 2020, there is no possible way to keep your EU citizenship while living in the U.K. Many campaigns, such as Stay European, have tried to acquire such legal right, but unfortunately, there is no official feedback from the U.K. Government or the EU Commission. The only way is that you move to one of the EU countries where you will be able to secure full rights as an EU citizen before Dec. 31, 2020. We suggest Malta as they suggest that they will offer 10 years' residency for all British Citiznems living in Malta. Also, you can acquire EU citizenship via investment activities, but this will require a huge investment in Malta or Cyprus. Also, you should always seek professional legal and tax advice as living between two countries might require careful planning.