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Are any nationalities forbidden from participating in the Canadian investment immigration programs?

I am from Iraq, a nationality that is challenged from participating in certain immigration programs, such as the United States and Antigua’s citizenship-by-investment option. What is the case for Canada?

  • Green and Spiegel LLP
    November 06, 2018

    Specific nationalities are not forbidden from participating in investment immigration programs. However, there are some structural difficulties associated with certain countries that tend to make it more difficult, for example, an inability to trace funds for long periods of time.

  • JTH Lawyers Inc.
    November 06, 2018

    You should be able to get the opportunity to submit your application for Canada, but it may not be easy. Your nationality is not a problem for Canadian authorities, but there is a quota system limiting the number of applications to be received, and that can be a challenge. You may have a greater challenge to provide documents needed for your application (compared with a European applicant, for example), but it is doable. We regularly submit applications from Iraq and so far they have all been approved.

  • Green and Spiegel LLP
    November 05, 2018

    You are able to apply. Only Iranian nationals cannot due to sanctions.

  • Favreau Law Firm
    November 12, 2018

    There is no problem for Canada. As long as you can gather the documents required to apply, your nationality does not affect the result.