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What are the university tuition and fees for Portuguese Golden Visa holders?

I have just been granted a Portuguese Golden Visa. Will my daughters be paying the same university tuition and fees as Portuguese nationals if she studies in Portugal? Can she pay the same university tuition and fees as EU nationals pay if she studies in an EU university? What about studying in the U.K.? Can she pay tuition and fees as EU nationals?

  • NEXT/Gali Macedo & Associados
    October 14, 2020

    As a Golden Visa holder, you have the right to access the public teaching system as any other Portuguese citizen would. As such, regarding public Portuguese teaching institutions (either schools or universities), your daughter will be subject to the same fees as any other Portuguese student would. The fees are around 1,000 euros per year. Regarding private institutions and universities from abroad, the fees will differ as the Portuguese government has no influence or control over those.

  • Lamares, Capela & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, SP, Rl
    October 13, 2020

    That differs among public and private universities.