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What are some common grounds for rejection of a Malta IIP application?

I want to apply for the Individual Investor Program (IIP) of Malta. I understand that Malta has one of the strictest due diligence systems among all CBI host countries. I am in the process of preparing my application. What are some common grounds for rejection? How could investors best avoid them?

  • BEAT GROUP BEAT Limited 8
    August 30, 2019

    Malta’s Individual Investor Program boasts to apply a rigorous due-diligence process, which is one of the fundamental principles of the program. A rejection is issued in cases when the program requirements are not satisfied. In order to ensure a successful application, the following are to be adhered to: The applicant should seek advice and assistance from an accredited agent as duly recognized by the MIIPA. Applications for citizenship under the MIIP can only be made by an accredited agent. Applicants that can qualify for the enrollment to the MIIP should not be a national, or a non-national who resides, does business, has significant ties with or connections to the following counties: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; Islamic Republic of Iran; and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).

  • BIZ Consult Limited
    August 25, 2019

    The most important thing is that you must have detailed proof your sources of wealth and not have any criminal record.