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What are some routes for U.S. citizens to get Canadian permanent residency?

I am exploring my options to relocate to Canada. I am a U.S. citizen and work as a lecturer at a community college in New York. I have some savings but probably won’t be enough for a huge investment. What are my options?

  • Favreau Law Firm
    October 01, 2020

    The route for permanent residency for U.S. citizens is the same as other nationalities. You need to apply for one of the immigration categories.

  • JTH Lawyers Inc.
    October 01, 2020

    There are so many ways to become a permanent resident of Canada. The question is which way is best for you. The answer would depend on a wide variety of factors: age, language (French & English are our official languages: one is enough, two is a bonus), education, business experience (if any), and the province of destination (if any).