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What are the requirements for the startup visa in Canada?

How many employees can I bring to Canada from Morocco (my home country) on the startup visa? Will their families be included? Can I apply for it even though I just launched my startup in 2020?

  • JTH Lawyers Inc.
    November 11, 2022

    From your question, I am not sure if the Startup visa program would be the most appropriate to meet your goals: employees cannot be brought over under the Startup visa program, only the investors. The legal structure of your current startup and the one of the eventual Canadian startup are also important factors. You should consult a Canadian immigration lawyer to review your options. As a general comment, the Startup visa program can include a maximum of 5 *investors* (and their dependent spouse + children below 22) as long as they get 10% each. In any event, any PR process for Canada would include the principal applicant, the spouse (or de facto spouse), and children below 22.