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What are the requirements of applying for an U.S. E-2 visa if I obtain citizenship of Turkey through its CBI program?

I am considering applying for the Turkish citizenship by investment program due to its treaty relationship with the U.S. My ultimate goal is to apply for a U.S. E-2 visa. What requirements do I need to fulfill in Turkey to be eligible for the U.S. E-2 visa?

  • Sagir Attorneys-at-Law
    November 05, 2019

    Turkey has been a treaty country for the E-2 visa program since 1990. Turkish nationals are eligible to benefit from this program if the other criteria designated by the U.S. are met. The requirements are governed by U.S. law and strictly falls under their jurisdiction. These can be found in detail at the website for the U.S. Embassy in Turkey. However, it is evident from these requirements that the only condition that the applicant should fulfill in Turkey is obtaining a Turkish passport, and the rest of the requirements are not related to Turkish citizenship-by-investment program, Turkish nationality or Turkish documents.