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What are the source-of-funds standards for U.K. tier 1 investors?

I am interested in the program but want to know more about the funding documentation required. What kinds of things do U.K. authorities look for, or get concerned about, when looking at source-of-funds documentation?

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    May 21, 2019

    Until recently, the funds must have been held by you for 90 days. This was recently changed to two years. Depending on how you obtained your funds, the two-year rule may not be applicable to you. The funds can be held in a regulated bank account or in a portfolio in the U.K. or overseas. The source of funds can be a gift, deeds of sale, evidence from a business, a will, divorce settlement, award or winnings. Depending which one you fall under will have its own document checklist. The Home Office will verify any evidence that you provide. If you use an immigration firm, it will help you prepare your documents, which must be provided when making your visa application. If you provide any evidence that cannot be verified, your visa application is likely to be refused. Any documentation you provide must be authentic and if not in English, the documents must be translated by a person or business regulated in their country to translate into English.