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What are the travel requirements for Vanuatu citizenship-by-investment applicants?

I am interested in becoming a Vanuatu citizen but am wondering about travel arrangements to get there. It is an expensive destination. Is it required? What are the residency requirements after receiving citizenship?

  • Discus Holdings Ltd.
    October 03, 2018

    Although Vanuatu is one of the most beautiful countries of the world, it is not obligatory to travel to Vanuatu to obtain the citizenship and receive your passport. You can have the citizenship oath and take delivery of the passport the following ways: you travel to Vanuatu; you visit one of the Vanuatu embassies in Australia, Belgium or China, where the citizenship oath is taken and the passport is delivered; you organize a visit of the oath officer and the passport delivery to a country you specify and where you will meet them. In the second case you will be expected to cover the cost of the trip of the passport delivery officer and, in the third case, the travel costs of both officers. Vanuatu welcomes you with open arms if you want to live there, but after receiving citizenship you have no requirement to live there to keep your citizenship.