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What Canadian immigration programs give tech entrepreneurs the most benefit?

I own a tech start up in Dubai that I plan on expanding after I immigrate to a new country with my family. What options do I have in Canada if I intend to set up a new branch of my tech business there (and eventually employ people there)?

  • JTH Lawyers Inc.
    December 07, 2020

    You could potentially be eligible under the startup visa Program. Depending on the stage of development of your startup, it could be that either the incubator stream, the angel fund stream, or the VC stream could be a good fit for you. You would need to get the support from one of the 60 designated organizations. This being said, there could be (cheaper) alternatives that best suit your needs, all depending on several factors, including but not limited to timing/costs /province of destination etc. Best would be to have a conference call with a Canadian immigration professional that has extensive experience in different fields of immigration to Canada so that the different avenues can be looked at before you make your final choice of preferred route towards Canada.