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What is the definition of “older” properties in the real estate investment route of Portugal’s Golden visa program?

I learned that one could invest 350,000 euros in “older” properties to be qualified for Portugal’s Golden Visa programs, as opposed to the 500,000 euros invest threshold with other properties that are not deemed “old”. What is the definition of an “old” property? Do I need to provide any evaluation reports from authorities as proof?

  • Lisbon Attorneys, Corp.
    August 02, 2019

    For the granting of a Golden Visa the old property must have at least 30 years of existence proven by document or, alternatively, be located in urban rehabilitation area (even if it is not 30 years old). You must prove with documentation of the city hall, tax documents or land registry documents.

  • Passaporte Portugal
    July 31, 2019

    The property must be more than 30 years old or must be located inside a zone considered by the city council as a “rehabilitation area”.