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What is the due diligence process like for U.K. immigrant investors?

I come from a country with poor records but am wondering what types of due-diligence processes there are for U.K. investors, including for the tier 1 visa. Please advise.

  • Global 4 Immigration
    May 31, 2019

    Not sure what you mean from a country with poor records, but the Home Office caseworker should not judge your application based on the country you come from or if previous investors from a particular country has a high percentage of visa refusals. In recent months certain countries have been highlighted to having exploited the investor visa route, but the Home Office caseworker should judge your application on the merit of your investment and if you have any adverse immigration or criminal record. The Home Office will verify if your funds come from a gift, deeds of sale, evidence from a business, will, divorce settlement or award/winning. The Home Office will check if you held a tier 1 investor visa in the last 12 months and will check to see if the minimum funds you have is at least 2 million GBP is genuine. You may not use assets or possessions such as property as evidence of your funds for investment. When it comes to your investment, the key areas investigated are, how you obtained your funding, how long you held the funds for, whose names the funds are under, if you have access and control of the funds and, you must pay particular attention to any international financial sanctions regimes which may affect your ability to move money in to the United Kingdom, and you must provide evidence with your application that you have sought and gained any necessary approval to transfer your funds freely to the UK. Your money can be held in a portfolio of investments or in a regulated financial institute.