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What is the process of applying for a Businessperson Visa in the UK when I become a Turkish citizen?

I am an Indian native who wants to apply for the citizenship-by-investment program in Turkey. I read that Turkish citizens are eligible to apply for a Businessperson Visa in the UK. I would like to know about the requirements and procedures. Also, do I have to have an employment or business history in Turkey to be eligible for this program?

  • Global 4 Immigration
    November 08, 2019

    Once you have obtained Turkish nationality, you can then apply under ECAA. The ECAA route is similar to an Innovator visa, which has replaced the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. However, the rules are less demanding. And you do not have to demonstrate you have operated a business in Turkey, but you must be able to demonstrate you have a viable, creative and innovative business idea, or the UKVI caseworker is likely to refuse your application. Every application is based on your own unique circumstances and how you present your business idea must convince the UKVI caseworker that you will genuinely operate a business in the UK. I would recommend a detailed business plan. Please note that UKVI refused more applications processed in Turkey than applications processed within the UK. Another key aspect is you do not have to meet any financial threshold. However, the funds you have must demonstrate you can get your business operational.