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What is the timeline of applying for Turkish citizenship through real estate investments?

Could you please describe the timeline and steps of participating in the citizenship-by-investment program of Turkey through real estate investments? I would like to get a general idea of how long it takes to complete this process.

  • Sagir Attorneys-at-Law
    November 19, 2019

    The first step is to find a property that could be valued at a minimum of $250,000. Once the investor finds the property, an evaluation report must be obtained from an independent company. Depending on the company the investor is working with, the report can be prepared within a single day. If all these conditions are met, the purchase can also be completed within a single day at the Title Deed Registry. This process will require a translator since the official contract will be in Turkish, and it will be beneficial for the investor to have an attorney present. The investor must guarantee at this point that they will not sell this property for three years after purchase. This guarantee will be added as a comment to the title deed and will remain in effect for this three-year duration. Once the investor obtains the deed, there really is no waiting period to apply for citizenship. After the application is made, it takes less than a month for the investor to get a residence permit, and the citizenship application review can take as short as three to four months, but since it is dependent on multiple government agencies’ workload, this duration can differ on a case-by-case basis. The final authority that will approve the application is the President of the Turkish Republic. Once the program is completed successfully, the investor becomes a Turkish citizen and will obtain a Turkish passport. The passport issuing process takes one to two weeks.