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What kind of employment flexibility can I enjoy if I become a Maltese citizen through its Individual Investor Program?

I want to relocate to Europe through the Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP). I understand that when I become a citizen through the program, I will be able to work freely within Malta. What about employment in other European countries? I know that the four freedoms principle of EU applies to Maltese citizens, but I am not sure if there are any exceptions or limitations on a foreign investor who gets citizenship through its CBI program.

  • March 04, 2019

    The Maltese Individual Investor Program application, which is the first citizenship program approved by the EU, grants one Maltese citizenship whereby one would enjoy the benefits of such citizenship. One of the said benefits would be employment in Malta. However, with that being said, one would still need to be registered with relevant authority due to tax and national insurance reasons. With respect to other European Union states, one could possibly enjoy the right of employment in said European Union states, due to free of movement of workers and said workers cannot be discriminated against if coming from another member-state. However, one still need to possibly register for employment in such foreign states.

  • BIZ Consult Limited
    March 02, 2019

    Free movement of workers is a fundamental principle of the treaty enshrined in Article 45 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and developed by EU secondary legislation and the case law of the Court of Justice. EU citizens are entitled to: look for a job in another EU country; work there without needing a work permit; reside there for that purpose; stay there even after employment has finished; enjoy equal treatment with nationals in access to employment, working conditions and all other social and tax advantages. There aren't any exceptions or limitations on a foreign investor who gets citizenship through its CBI program.