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What makes an investment in Grenada relatively safe?

We are looking at citizenship-by-investment programs. It is important to my wife and I that we recoup as much of our investment as possible. Based upon the volatility in some of the world markets, what advantages would an investment in Grenada have if there is an economic downturn?

  • Global Services Inc.
    September 12, 2018

    Kindly note that we would not be able to answer that question. Investing in a property in Grenada poses a risk like investing in a property in any other part of the world. Grenada has a good track record of property values increasing over the years. It is important to investigate information on the project itself before making a decision on proceeding. This may also include visiting Grenada and conducting your own due diligence and inquiries from developers.

  • September 13, 2018

    Determining whether an investment is relatively safe requires you to ask hard questions about the prevailing market environment and conditions, the resale data and pricing. If, for example, you are investing in a real estate investment, the track record of the developer is also important. Ask the developer of the investment property that you are interested in for the data. Ask hard questions, do your research, ask for commitments in writing and then make your decision. Grenada's land space is finite. It is developing rapidly and it is a stable democracy at this time. The currency is linked to the stable Eastern Caribbean currency. It has a stable Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and established mediation processes which protect your investment in the event of an economic downturn. Even after the previous global downturn, the property market in Grenada has bounced back.