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What nuances are there when it comes to Russian expats applying for citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda?

I'm a Russian citizen but lived in Russia very little during my lifetime and I'm now 24. Would the fact that I lived abroad all my life be factored in if I apply for the Antigua passport or would it be a straight-up rejection?

  • Citizens International
    November 19, 2023

    Russian citizens are not permitted to apply for citizenship of Antigua & Barbuda at present. Do you have another citizenship? Which country have you been resident in throughout these years you were not living in Russia? We can always bring the question to the unit, to see if the policy has changed in regards to any Russian citizens who have been legally resident elsewhere for an extended period.

  • EC Holdings
    November 18, 2023

    Currently, Antigua & Barbuda is not allowing Russian citizens to apply to the CBI Program.