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What other advantages does a Grenadian passport offer to investors beyond the E-2 visa?

Is it true that investors could get visa free access to Europe as well as China and Russia, and if I get the E-2, the U.S. as well? Hasn’t the number of countries an investor could visit on a Grenadian passport gone down due to the pandemic related restrictions?

  • November 22, 2021

    A Grenada passport has myriad of benefits beyond the eligibility for E-2 Visa access to the United States. As a Grenadian, you have visa free access to over 140 countries worldwide, including China, Russia, Brazil, the Schengen zone and the United Kingdom; we are also a Commonwealth country and members of CARICOM, enabling you to live and work in any of the Caribbean CARICOM countries. I believe as long as you are vaccinated with one of the recognized COVID vaccines, your eligibility to travel should not be impeded unless specific countries have lockdowns, curfews or quarantines in effect; however, in my experience, most countries allow free access once you are fully vaccinated and have a valid negative PCR test.