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What types of businesses are acceptable for British Columbia’s new regional pilot program?

I am interested in British Columbia’s new regional pilot program due to its lower cost than the “normal” provincial nominee program. I noticed that every participating community has its own sectors of business that it prioritizes. What happens if my business is not among the priority sectors of a community that I choose? Does it mean I have less of a chance to receive a referral from that community? What factors could impact the success of an application?

  • Simard & Associates Limited
    April 10, 2019

    This new program has been set up to dualy serve the province's need for skilled, business-savvy immigrants all while helping more isolated communities prosper. With this in mind, the types of businesses that will deemed acceptable can be various, but depend wholly on the needs of the community in question. The list of prioritized sectors is an indication of the industries that are generally thought to be in need of investment, but this doesn’t mean that the list is exhaustive. Given that the community referral is at the complete discretion of the community leaders themselves, we could present a potential business plan outside of the highlighted sectors, as we have connections on the ground with these communities. It is possible that some of them may be interested and willing to sponsor it, perhaps with some modifications. Your application cannot be processed unless you have a referral. Keep in mind that if you have targeted to settle down in a specific community, you must understand that the leverage you may have is diminished; you may need to cater to that community's wants and needs for a specific business. If you really hold on to the materialization of the project you have in mind, you may need to be open to settling in other communities that you have personally not underlined as options for yourself.