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When can I apply for permanent residency in Cyprus?

I plan to purchase property in Cyprus to apply for the golden visa and looking for legal help in regards to when I can start the process of the application. Would I be able to start the application while simultaneously looking for property (showing proof of funds of course) or does the purchase have to be finalized before starting the process?

  • Parparinos & Hadjipanayis LLC
    September 15, 2023

    The purchase must be finalised first and the title deed shall be filled with the main application and other documents (passport, proof of funds etc.) for purposes of examination.

  • Evagoras Anastasiou & Associates LLC
    September 15, 2023

    Within the required documents for filing an application to obtain permanent residence via investment are the evidence that an investments has been completed. In your case those evidence are (1) title deeds or stamped purchase agreement and (2) transfer swifts showing that the relevant purchase of property has been paid. Accordingly, you need to finalize your property purchase/investment before filing your application. As you are a third-country national, you will enter Cyprus with a tourist which has a validity of 90 days. During that period we shall prepare your application and evaluate that you have all the required documentation (including completing the investment deal). It is advisable that before coming to Cyprus to be consulted as what documents are required for your application and also make research about your potential investment. The procedure starts from the day of collecting and evaluating the mandatory documentation.