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Do I have access to the job market of Bulgaria if I invest in Eurobonds and obtain permanent residency?

I heard that foreign investors can obtain permanent residency immediately after investing 1 million Bulgarian Lev in Bulgarian Eurobonds. After becoming a permanent resident, do investors have access to the job market in Bulgaria? If they don’t plan to apply for citizenship, how long do they need to keep the investment in Eurobonds without losing their status?

    March 11, 2020

    With permanent resident status, after you invest 1 million BGN in Eurobonds, you will have full access to the job market in Bulgaria. If you don't intend to apply for Bulgarian citizenship, you will need to hold the investment for as far as you want to retain your permanent residency status. Should you liquidate your positions, you will lose your privileges. Therefore, you can either double your investment and apply for citizenship immediately, or wait five years and apply for citizenship without further investment.