Alexander  Dobrinov

Alexander Dobrinov

Bulgaria Immigration Consultant

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Alexander Dobrinov is a Bulgarian immigration consultant. He serves as the managing director at Citizenship and Investment Ltd, an immigration advisory firm with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Bulgaria.

Specializing in the Bulgarian citizenship-by-investment program, Citizenship and Investment provides legal and compliance consultation, tax planning and administrative support to international clients for the obtaining of Bulgarian citizenship.

With extensive knowledge of EU immigration law and second citizenship, Dobrinov advises high net worth individuals from Russia, the MENA area and Southeast Asia on various types of visas and citizenship of Bulgaria. He also assists international businesses in company structuring, tax compliance, mergers and acquisitions.

Dobrinov co-founded Vasilev – Dobrinov & Associates, an international legal consultancy practicing in the areas of commercial law, tax law, criminal law, immigration and investment. He also manages Posoltvo.eu, an advisory firm offering information and legal support on working visas, residency and citizenship of Bulgaria.



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