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Do I need to travel to Portugal to submit my application for Golden Visa?

Do I ever need to travel to Portugal in order to submit my Golden Visa application? Do I need to stay in the country while the case is being processed?

  • N-Advogados
    July 28, 2020

    You don’t need to travel to Portugal to submit your application for a Golden Visa.

  • NEXT/Gali Macedo & Associados
    July 28, 2020

    As an applicant for the Golden Visa Program, you will be required to come to Portugal at least once, in order for the SEF (Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Services) to collect your biometric data, which will then be printed and encrypted on your residence card. This biometric collection will happen after a first stage of online analysis by SEF and will require the applicants to schedule an appointment at the available SEF facilities. The applicant is not required to stay in Portugal after the biometrics collection, as SEF will automatically proceed with the file’s analysis and issue the final decision on the application.

  • Lamares, Capela & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, SP, Rl
    July 28, 2020

    No. That is not necessary. You only need to travel to Portugal after your process has been accepted. Then you will have to schedule an appointment at the Portuguese Immigration Police for them to take your biometrics.