Nuno Albuquerque

Nuno Albuquerque

Portugal Immigration Consultant

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Nuno Albuquerque is a Portuguese immigration consultant. He currently serves as a partner at N-Advogados, a global law firm with offices in Lisbon, Angola and Paris.

Established in the 1990s, N-Advogados has spread its scope of services to include litigation, civil and criminal law; commercial and corporate law; family law and inheritance law; sports law; tax and fiscal legal services; civil registry and nationality services; real estate, registries and notary services. The firm has developed partnerships with other law offices in Mozambique, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, the U.K., Brazil, Mexico and Colombia to serve international clients. The firm is capable of providing legal consultation in different jurisdictions.

Albuquerque has been with the firm since 1993. He focuses his practice on sports law and corporate law. With extensive experience in the sector of insolvency and business recovery, he advises international companies and organizations in company insolvency and restructuring issues. As an arbitrator, referee and mediator, he serves in several organizations, including the Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sport, Centro de Arbitragem Administrativa and the Arbitration Center of Industrial Property Rights. Currently, Albuquerque also works as an attorney at RG Advogados, the first law firm established in Angola.

Albuquerque is licensed to practice law in Portugal, Angola and Paris. He holds a master’s degree in administrative law from the law school of the University of Minho and a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Coimbra. He has taken courses in maritime and port law, superior arbitration, as well as mediation of public and private conflicts. Albuquerque often contributes to newspapers and journals on trading, litigation and sports arbitration topics. He is a frequent guest speaker of workshops and conferences on mediation, arbitration and commercial law.

Albuquerque speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.



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