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For Greek strategic investments, what is the rule for bringing people with me to the country to run the business?

Does it depend on the investment amount?

  • Penny Konitsioti
    June 24, 2019

    Please be aware that the following are acceptable according to existing law: The scope of the existing scheme is added by adding and intangible investments to the investment activities for which an entry and residence permit can be issued to third country nationals. In particular, the following categories of intangible investments are added which contribute to the development and stimulation of the national economy: purchase of shares in a share capital increase or bonds issued on a bond loan, companies based in Greece or located in Greece listed on the Greek stock market; capital contribution to a real estate investment company (REIC of Law 2778/1999), which invests exclusively in real estate in Greece for the acquisition of shares, upon the increase of its share capital; acquisition of shares or shares in domestic Alternative Investments Organizations (Equity Holdings - ACS of Law 1992/1992 and Equity Holdings Companies - EGTC of Law 2367/1995) investing exclusively in companies with headquarters or establishment in Greece; purchase of bonds issued by the Greek state; forward deposit with a national banking institution; purchase of shares, corporate bonds and / or Greek government bonds admitted to trading or traded on the Greek stock market; purchase of units in a mutual fund incorporated in Greece or another country and investing exclusively in securities (shares and corporate bonds or Greek government bonds) that are admitted to trading or traded on the Greek stock market; purchase of shares or shares in an alternative investment organization which is incorporated in Greece or another country of the European Union and invests exclusively in real estate in Greece.

  • Energopiisi SA Investment Consulting Services
    June 22, 2019

    Every investor applying for a resident permit under the Greek Golden Visa program, according to the article 16 of 4251/2014 Law, as recently amended, is eligible for the privilege of permanent residence permit for investment activity, under the condition that he will contribute to the investment with an amount of at least 250,000, available through own funds. In addition, the number of permits for executives allowed for each investment project depends on the amount of the total investor contribution. The following is a total investment cost and the maximum resident permits allowed for executives: 300,000 to 1 million, 0; 1,000,001 to 3 million, 2; 3,000,001 to 5 million, 3; 5,000,001 to 10 million, 4; 10,000,001 to 15 million, 5; 15,000,001 to 20 million, 6; 20,000,001 to 25 million, 7; 25,000,001 to 30 million, 8; 30,000,001 to 40 million, 9; over 40 million, 10.

  • Stilianos Ch. Proestakis
    June 22, 2019

    One measure is the investment amount. Another way would be bringing people by providing them a work permit due to your business enterprise.