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How can foreign investors get permanent residency in New Zealand via the Innovative Partnerships program?

I've heard New Zealand is issuing Innovative Partnerships visas to wealthy foreigners. What criteria must one meet to become eligible? Also, can this visa path lead to permanent residency?

  • July 06, 2021

    The Investor program (Investor 1 or 2) is used by the Innovative Partnerships program to offer a permanent resident visas to investors that take part in the program. The Innovative Partnership program is run by MBIE, and you can probably get more information on the opportunities this program can offer your company by contacting them (

  • Education Overseas Academy
    July 06, 2021

    The New Zealand Innovative Partnerships program is for helping research and development intensive businesses connect, collaborate and invest in New Zealand. The Innovative Partnerships program can connect you with New Zealand’s vibrant innovation network and help you navigate its system of support. Investors who participate in the New Zealand Innovative Partnership program by investing in companies and establishments that contribute towards research and development can gain permanent residency in New Zealand, either by investing at least 3 million New Zealand dollars in New Zealand over a period of four years, or by investing 10 million New Zealand dollars in New Zealand over a period of three years. The New Zealand Trade and Enterprise helps investors find and capitalize on investment opportunities in New Zealand.