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How can I add my elderly parents to my Portugal GRP program application?

I am an Indian national who wants to invest in Portugal and eventually become a citizen. My 80-year-old parents live with me and my wife now and they are dependent on us. How can I bring them along when we move to Europe?

  • Caiado Guerreiro
    May 28, 2019

    The investor is allowed to apply for the family reunification of his parents (as well as his parents-in-law) at any time, meaning at the time of his own application on in a later stage. The process will require the parents' passports, criminal records and the birth certificate of the investor, as well as the payment of the analysis fee of their application. The parents will be entitled to resident cards for themselves.

  • MRT Lawyers Office
    March 27, 2019

    You can bring your parents yes, through family reunification. In Portugal you can regroup your parents and/or your spouse's parents, once they are dependent on you.

  • NEXT/Gali Macedo & Associados
    March 27, 2019

    You can add to your application any member of your dependent family (parents, sons and daughters) so they can come to Portugal under your investment.

  • Alves & Silva Pereira
    March 28, 2019

    It is perfectly possible to get your father's and your wife's residence permits. The law provides for the family reunification of the relatives of the main investor in the following terms. The family reunification application can be formulated simultaneously with the ARI grant from the family/investor, but it will always be conditioned to the granting of this one. Family members are the spouse; the minor or incapable children in charge of the couple or one of the spouses; minors adopted by the applicant when he or she is not married, by the applicant or the spouse, by decision of the competent authority of the country of origin, provided that the law of that country recognizes the adopted rights and duties identical to those of natural filiation and that the decision recognized by the Portuguese legal order; the older children, dependent on the couple or one of the spouses, who are single and are attending an educational establishment, irrespective of the country in which they reside; ascendants in the straight line and in the first degree of the resident or his/her spouse, provided they are in charge; the minor siblings, provided that they are under the custody of the resident, according to a decision issued by the competent authority of the country of origin and provided that this decision is recognized by the Portuguese legal order.

  • April 01, 2019

    The Portuguese Golden Visa program is a family-friendly program, which means that the main applicant (aka the investor) has the right to reunify a wide variety of family members, including spouse, parents, parents-in-law, descendants in first degree, underage siblings dependent on the main applicant, adopted minors, underage children or over 18 age children (as long as they are single and depend on the main applicant and the partner who maintains with the main applicant a relationship similar to the marriage and as long as they can prove this situation). Your wife can be reunified but you will have to submit a marriage certificate along with her application duly translated and legalized in order to prove the family relationship. As per your mother, you can reunify her as well but will have to submit a document proving she is your ascendant and a document proving she depends economically on you.