Sara Sousa  Rebolo

Sara Sousa Rebolo

Portugal Immigration Consultant

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Sara Sousa Rebolo is a Portugal immigration consultant. She is a lawyer at Prime Legal, a law firm based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Rebolo specializes in Portuguese immigration law, such as golden visas, applications and general forms, long-term residency permits, study residency, worker mobility, family reunification, short-stay visas and blue cards. She also practices corporate law, labor law, contracts and conducts real estate due diligence.

Before joining Prime Legal, Rebolo was with Caiado Guerreiro, an international law firm. She is a member of the Portuguese Bar Association.

Rebolo is a published author. Her master thesis was titled, “Project Finance: Leverage Mechanism of the Corporate and Economical Framework.” She has also written about growing Chinese investment in the Portuguese real estate market, Portugal’s golden visa program and labor law.

Rebolo has a law degree and master’s degree in legal and financial services from the University of Lisbon. She has also completed post-graduate study in real estate, and economy and management for businesses.

Rebolo speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English.


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