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How can I apply for a tech talent visa in France with my local startup team?

I just launched my startup last year and after I visited France, I found there could be a huge market for it there. I want to now apply for the tech talent visa there, but my startup would only work if I can bring my team from my home country. Does the talent visa give me the right to include non-EU employees?

    November 13, 2023

    The talent passport is issued to a single holder for a specific purpose in connection with an activity specified in the application. For example, applicants can obtain a talent passport (first a visa, then a residence permit) marked "investor" if they meet the following conditions: (i) you invest via a company that you personally manage or in which you hold at least 30% of the capital; (ii) you plan to create or safeguard jobs within 4 years of making the investment in France; (iii) the investment in tangible or intangible fixed assets must represent at least €300,000. There is no "technology" visa in France. In addition, each employee recruited by the start-up and wishing to settle in France must apply for an individual long-stay visa, depending on their situation: employee, temporary worker, qualified employee talent passport, European blue card, etc.