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France Investment Immigration Programs Overview

The French Tech Visa, also known as the Talent Passport, is a fast-track program to attract tech talent. The program offers a four-year, renewable, residence permit for start-up founders, employees and business investors. No additional work permit is required for the visa. Under the program, families may also live and work in France. Investors can invest in French startups by opening a venture capital firm in France, investing as a business angel or being recruited as an investor at a venture capital firm in France. The program does not require stay in France, nor proficiency in French or a minimum professional experience to qualify for the permit.

After five years’ regular and uninterrupted residencein France, investors can apply for a residence card, which is issued for 10 years on a renewable basis.

Citizenship By Investment.

While France does not offer a CBI program, a year after obtaining permanent residence applicants can apply for citizenship, as long as they have achieved French language proficiency over the preceding 5-6 year period.

How To Apply

After analysis of an applicant’s profile and investment history, the French Tech Mission will send the applicant an official acceptance letter stating that they are qualified for the French Tech Visa for Investors.


A residency permit gives unrestricted access to 127 Schengen countries. Citizens get access to 175 countries.


France is the world’s sixth largest economy and second largest in Europe. France’s startup ecosystem has witnessed rapid growth, faster than any other European ecosystem in the past 5 years and has the highest number of VC deals in Europe. France has a renowned quality of life, fine culture and cuisine with a high standard of living.

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Citizenship By Investment

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Residency By Investment

Investors have the French Tech Visa option to receive a residence permit. For investors to qualify for a resident permit, they must invest 300,000 euros in fixed tangible or intangible assets, directly invest or through a company that they have at least 30 percent shareholding, own 10 percent of the company being invested in, and work to create or protect jobs during the four years after the investment. Applicants must be free of criminal conviction.

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