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How can I participate in New Zealand’s residency-by-investment program through a qualified domestic investment institution?

I am a Chinese investor who would like to migrate to New Zealand. I was told that by investing through a qualified domestic investment institute located in China, I do not need to worry about the transfer of funds, as the investment could be completed in the Chinese currency. Is it true? How does this work? Could you please explain?

  • Global Immigration Services NZ
    April 30, 2019

    You are correct in saying that there are several pre-approved schemes where investor applicants from China can avoid the issues of transfer of funds and thereby meet the requirements. However, please note that participation in these schemes in not cheap and money needs to be repatriated at the end of the investment term. In terms of detailed information and explanation, I suggest that you engage the services of an immigration professional.

  • NAA Immigration and Education Ltd
    April 29, 2019

    QDII is just one option. Depending how you wish to invest, there were other ways to transfer the investment funds to New Zealand through the channels approved by Immigration New Zealand. With QDII the main disadvantage was once the investment period is over, you will find your funds still in China, not in New Zealand. When you purchase the fund products with, for example Bank of China, or China Construction Bank, they will issue you the certificate to prove that you own the funds issued in New Zealand to meet the requirement for INZ investment scheme. Your funds actually never leave China.