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How can I participate in the investment immigration programs of the UAE?

I have an established company outside the UAE and want to open up a branch company in Dubai. Do I have to have a UAE citizen as the majority shareholder in my company? Does it lead to permanent residency?

  • Discus Holdings Ltd
    March 02, 2020

    With reference to your email please be informed that companies can be formed with three different legal statuses in the United Arab Emirates: mainland company, free zone company, and international business company. The mainland company, which is also mentioned by you, was previously less popular with foreign investors, as it was obligatory for the majority owner to be a local citizen. In order to establish a free zone company or international business company, it is not obligatory for the majority owner to be a local citizen. You or your current company can be the 100% shareholder. The investor visa is valid for two to three years depending on the regulation of different free zone authorities. Unfortunately, no visa can be changed to permanent residency in the UAE.