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UAE / Dubai Investment Immigration Programs Overview

The United Arab Emirates is an oil rich country and economic hub in the Middle East. Some of the benefits of investing in UAE is the country’s free trade zones with 100 percent ownership, zero taxes and highly developed infrastructure. The country is made up of seven emirates, Dubai being its most prominent for its luxurious lifestyle and as a top tourist destination in the region.

Residency can be obtained through investment. Residents have exemption from income, wealth, gift and inheritance tax. Options for investors include opening a company in UAE or by investing in an existing company based in the country. Another option is investing in UAE real estate which requires a minimum amount of 1 million United Arab Emirates dirham. A residency visa allows the investor and their family to stay in the UAE as a resident and is valid for three years and is renewable. Residents must visit the country every 180 days with no minimum stay.

Citizenship By Investment

Citizenship in UAE can only be attained through birth, descent or marriage to a UAE citizen. A UAE passport offers visa-free travel to 133 countries.

How To Apply

Apply through the UAE immigration department. It typically takes one month to get the visa.


UAE citizens get visa-free travel to 133 countries.


UAE is considered a very safe and politically stable country that is home to over 150 nationalities. It boasts a high-quality lifestyle, standard of living and world-class healthcare and education. It is a tax-free city, with no income or capital gain tax. The UAE was named the 13th Most Promising Home Economy for Investment in 2017-19, according to a survey by the United Nations Council for Trade and Development and Investment Promotion Agency.

Residency By Investment

Under the UAE investor visa, residency can be obtained through investment. Investors can either open a business, invest in an existing company or invest in real estate with a minimum of AED 1 million. Applicants must establish a local UAE company.

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